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You Know What’s Happening On Your Website, But Do You Know Why?

by Greg Jackman on June 24, 2014

There’s no shortage of digital and mobile analytic products that are designed to tell you in slightly different ways what is happening on your website. But most of them fail to help you understand why. Customer Experience Management (CEM) tools are made to track and manage the customer experience across multiple channels, yet many of them don’t provide a complete view of the digital or mobile online experience. To truly improve your customer’s online experience, you need qualitative analysis along with all the quantitative digital analytics. You need to figure out why people are leaving your site, or failing to complete a transaction. You need to dig deeper to understand the root cause of the customer struggle and ask questions like:

  • What website component are they struggling with? Is it the navigation?
  • Why are they not clicking on your CTAs and filling out the forms?
  • Why didn’t they complete the transaction and abandon the cart?
  • Was it simply customer error? Or a technical failure?

So how do we answer the why question and get to the root causes?

What problems could have been avoided if you had visibility into their online experiences?

As part of the IBM ExperienceOne portfolio, the IBM Tealeaf CX platform is a solution that records the behavior of your website visitors, giving you critical insight into their online experience in real-time.

IBM Tealeaf gives you that qualitative data. In other words, it tells you why your customer is doing what they’re doing, instead of just what they’re doing. By performing a qualitative analysis of each customer interaction, IBM Tealeaf gives you the unparalleled visibility and insight into the answers you need to provide your customers with a positive online experience. You’re able to track your customers in real-time, getting into their virtual minds, and determine their reasons for struggle or abandonment.

IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Partner     IBM Tealeaf CX

IBM Tealeaf’s capabilities include:

  • Being able to see the way your website works through the eyes of your visitors regardless of whether they’re using a desktop or mobile device.
  • Giving you a 360 degree perspective of your customer during the visitor session.
  • Enhancing your call center service levels by responding seamlessly with immediate customer session analysis.
  • Resolving problems and roadblocks that are hindering customer satisfaction and revenue.
  • Ability to alert to, create and diagnose problems encountered by real users.
  • Capturing website traffic without interfering with site performance.
  • Reliable architecture that scales to fit true enterprise class websites.

Because you can gain real insight into what customers do and why they do it, IBM Tealeaf provides a set of compelling business benefits and a quick ROI.

IBM Tealeaf’s business benefits include:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
  • Improving customer conversion rates and overall revenue.
  • Identifying potential patterns of fraudulent activity.
  • Improving call center efficiency.
  • Prioritizing system and website design changes.

To learn more about the benefits and capabilities of the IBM Tealeaf CX platform, please visit our IBM Tealeaf page and our IBM Tealeaf Resources page.

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