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IT Marketing Services: 3 Reasons For MSPs to Blog…and Blog Often

by Greg Jackman on April 16, 2014

If you ask any marketer they will tell you that a blog is a must have for your website, regardless of your industry.  This is definitely true for Managed Service Providers, blogging should be at the core of your marketing efforts. Blogging is hard and time consuming, but there is no way around it.  

Here are three main benefits of blogging:

1. Improves SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Web Traffic: The average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors. The average company that blogs generates 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages.1

2. Increase Lead Generation: Companies that blog generate 126% more leads than those that don't.1

3. Increases Marketing ROI: Blogging = Business. 61% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post.1

Managed Service Providers need to maintain a business blog because of the effect it will have on your marketing ROI. Below is a chart to demonstrate how the frequency of your blogging habits has on ROI. Of course, maintaining a higher frequency on your blog requires time and effort.

Blogging Regularly Linked to Higher ROI

Blogging Regularly Linked to Higher ROI

Blogging Frequency


Blogging will improve your SEO and drive more traffic to your website. Search engines, like Google, prefer dynamic content, so every time you post a new blog, you are creating a new page for your website. This gives search engines an additional opportunity to rank your website in search and index more of your pages. Over time, your SEO performance will improve.

The challenge for an MSP in blogging is coming up with good topics to write about and maintaining a consistent approach. But the beauty of blogging is that almost any topic related to your business or industry is fair game, the focus should be on educating your audience. Anything that sparks a conversion with your target audience is perfect. Even just raising awareness on a topic within your industry will still work in your favor. You should be able to naturally tie in your product or service within the conversation as well.

To cite a real world example on how blogging improves your business, Vifx, who delivers high-end architected virtualization, storage, and end-user computing solutions, leveraged HubSpot’s Landing Page tool to promote events and write better blogs. As a result, they increased their:

  • Site traffic by 76%2
  • Event attendance by 80%2
  • Time on page by 26%2

Regarding blogging strategy, there is not one right answer across the board. A good rule of thumb is to be blogging once per week. The following questions should help you to formulate a blogging plan.

  • How often should you post? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
  • What % of your web traffic is being generated from your blog?
  • Do you have web forms on your website to convert blog traffic to leads?
  • What are your competitors’ blogging about, and how often?

The best thing you can do is just get started! Start today! Do it consistently!

For more on MSP marketing practices, please see our MSP inbound marketing page.  HubSpot also offers some valuable guidance for blogging in this blog post as well.

Please download our Inbound Marketing eBook for MSPs to assist you in your blogging efforts:

MSP Inbound Marketing

To discuss how to implement a blog for your business, please comment below or contact Steve Perry directly at slperry@pereion.com.

Please share this blog using the social media icons above, and subscribe to the Pereion blog below for further tips on inbound marketing for MSPs.

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100 Stats, Charts, and Graphs to Get Inbound Marketing Buy-In, HubSpot, 2014.

2  ViFX Uses HubSpot to Power Sales Team and Halve Its Sales Cycle, HubSpot, 2014.


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