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Pereion Solutions Launched!

Posted by Steven Perry

Fri, Aug 24, 2012 @ 09:08 AM

Pereion Solutions, LLC was formed as a new Channel Consulting and Services Provider. I get the same question from many of my family and friends, what is it your going to do? After a long career at IBM in various executive sales and marketing roles, almost all of which involved working with channel partners, I felt it was time to step away and build a company whose mission was to provide Channel Consulting and Services to other companies. Specifically, to help other companies grow their revenues by leveraging business partners, dealers, resellers, strategic alliances, and various other forms of indirect sales channels. Pereion will provide a full lifecycle of Channel Consulting and Services; including Partner Recruitment, Channel Marketing, and Channel Management. 

So that begins to the answer the question of what it is that Pereion Solutions will provide, but it does not answer the question of why. Jim Collins introduced a principle called the Hedgehog Concept in his best selling book "Good to Great".  There are three element to the Hedgehog concept: 


  • What can you be the best in the world atHedgehog Concept

  • What drives your economic engine

  • What are you deeply passionate about



The concept was developed to guide companies in focusing their corporate strategies, but it also feels like a pretty good set of guiding principles if you are going to start a new company. Pereion Solutions sits at the intersection of Channel Consulting and Services and those three points. That combined with an intrinsic desire to run my own company is why Pereion Solutions was formed.  

This is the first blog article for Pereion and I thought it was only appropriate to talk about the rationale for starting Pereion Solutions. Going forward we will provide more insight on the Channel marketplace, although I expect we will talk some about the journey as well.  Thanks for listening and please Follow Us!

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