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2022 Holiday Readiness with Pereion Solutions and Acoustic Tealeaf

by Kristin Bonazoli on October 18, 2022

And just like that…the holiday season is right around the corner. While most consumers typically wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to begin their holiday shopping, many are getting a jump start this year as many stores offer pre-holiday promotions and because of rising costs and supply chain issues. That being said, now is an ideal time to ensure that your online business is optimized and ready for the influx of shoppers this holiday season!

To assist with holiday preparations, we have some tips and recommendations to help you prepare your Acoustic Tealeaf environment for peak program activities.

Holiday readiness 2022

Acoustic Tealeaf Holiday Readiness Tips

Tip# 1 – Create a Holiday Readiness Plan

With the holiday shopping season gearing up, it is advantageous to put together a holiday readiness plan that is specific to your organization and have an idea of how you will be leveraging Tealeaf for peak performance activities. You will also want to make sure that you have:

• Determined what type of data you expect to gain from Tealeaf
• Implemented and tested all applicable events
• Set up business scorecards and dashboards for tracking your holiday business operations
• Decided if you will be extracting and archiving specific user sessions for future analysis

Tip# 2 – Identify anticipated CX challenges during the holidays

After you have put together a holiday business plan, you and your team may want to put together a list of potential CX challenges that you may encounter. This will help you strategize on how to best overcome these likely road blocks. Here are some things to consider:

• Data variations in trends and data peaks, especially during certain holiday campaigns and promotions
• Have a solid understanding when campaigns are released by your Marketing team to determine when to expect high volume online traffic
• Identify and adjust geography and industry thresholds and create alerts in consideration of acceptable holiday data peaks
• Ensure you have enough capacity for your environment to handle high volumes of site traffic

Tip# 3 – Complete all required Eventing, Reporting and Alert Set-ups

Essential to leveraging Tealeaf for holiday preparations is completing all your necessary Eventing, Reporting and Alert set ups prior to the start of the season. Below is a recommended list by Acoustic to help you get started:


o Ensure events are capturing what they are supposed to
o Test your events against multiple sessions with positive and negative outputs
o Confirm that the correct dimensions are attached to your events and the desired reference values are being captured for reporting, i.e. promotional holiday codes, etc.


o Validate that your reports are generating the required data
o Test the events you reports are based on
o Use the report scheduling feature to schedule distribution of reports through email for easy data distribution.

• Alerts

o Create alerts based on customer struggle
o Tailor alerts to a wide variety of peak season scenarios and issues
o Tie real time alerts to real time dashboards
o Leverage anomaly detection within Tealeaf to generate alerts

Tip# 4 Prepare and arm your team with Tealeaf Resources

Essential to holiday planning is supplying your team with valuable Tealeaf resources. Below you will find links to helpful Tealeaf training webinars, a use case eBook and support information to help you get the most out of Tealeaf  this holiday season!

  • Pereion Acoustic Tealeaf On-demand Training Webinars:

Acoustic Tealeaf Fundamentals: Provides the beginner level Acoustic Tealeaf user with the necessary tools and resources to develop and further skills in key areas that are important to facilitating effective digital analysis. https://www.pereion.com/tealeaffundamentalsondemand

Acoustic Tealeaf UX Tools: Explores some of the UX tools available in Tealeaf Cloud. https://www.pereion.com/tealeafuxtoolstraining

Acoustic Tealeaf Basic Event Building: Improve your basic event building skills for Acoustic Tealeaf. https://www.pereion.com/tealeafbasiceventbuilding

Acoustic Tealeaf Tips and Techniques: Boosts your knowledge of Acoustic Tealeaf and demonstrates how to leverage some of the solution's advanced analytic capabilities https://www.pereion.com/tealeaftipsandtechniques

Enabling Data In and Data Out Facilitates Advanced Analytics with Acoustic Tealeaf Saas: Demonstrates how to leverage different data source to facilitate advanced Tealeaf SaaS reporting and analytics. https://www.pereion.com/enablingdatainandoutwithtealeafsaas

  • Acoustic Tealeaf eCommerce Customer Use Case eBook
    To accelerate your holiday preparations, we have complied a list of the top customer use cases you can apply to quickly identify and address customer struggle, answer important business questions and proactively build seamless customer experiences that your customers expect.   Click here to download our Tealeaf eCommerce Customer Use Case eBook to explore the essential use cases you can put to work by leveraging the robust analytic capabilities of Acoustic Tealeaf and make the busy holiday season a success!
    Tealeaf Customer Use Case eBook for Retail and eCommerce
  • Acoustic Tealeaf Support Resources
    Ensure that your entire team of Tealeaf product users are enabled, have access to support and know how to open a case with the support team. In addition, work with support and services to resolve all items that will impact holiday traffic such as open cases or upgrading the UI SDK. Below is a list of Acoustic Tealeaf resources with links that we recommend bookmarking so they are readily available should you need assistance with your implementation:

Acoustic Tealeaf Customer Support
Every Acoustic customer gets dedicated, 24x7 support by phone, chat, through the support portal with guaranteed response times. Acoustic also offers named account management, annual health checks, holiday readiness and quick access via email or slack. The support team will even work with your internal support team to get you up and running quickly. Below is a link to Acoustic’s Support team for customer support related information and the steps to submit a support ticket.

Acoustic Customer Support: https://support.goacoustic.com

North America +1 866-820-5136
United Kingdom +44 808 169 2385
France +33 805 08 09 17
Poland +48 800 088 005
Australia +61 1800 651 824
New Zealand +64 800 020 004

Open a support case for Acoustic Tealeaf
• Go to https://support.goacoustic.com and log in to your account with your Acoustic ID (https://login.goacoustic.com/signin).
• On the home page, you'll see a list of open cases, announcements in the support group, and the option to create a support case.

Acoustic Tealeaf Help Center - Find out about the latest releases, learn how to get started, explore use cases and much more information surrounding Acoustic Tealeaf:

Acoustic Academy - Explore all learning courses and plans tailored just for you, whether you are a business user, administrator, or technical expert: https://learn.goacoustic.com/learn/signin

Acoustic Tealeaf Community – Join in on the conversation and chat with other Tealeaf users on specific topics of interest: https://help.goacoustic.com/hc/en-us/community/topics

Acoustic Tealeaf Developer Information and Product Documentation: https://developer.goacoustic.com/acoustic-exp-analytics/

Holiday readiness pic

Tealeaf Holiday Readiness Audit and Consultation

Pereion Solutions wishes you a prosperous and profitable holiday season. We provide our customers with best practices to achieve greater insight and improve digital experience through our deep expertise in Customer Experience Analytics with solutions like Acoustic Tealeaf. Please click here to request a complimentary audit and consultation with us to discuss your web analytics and customer experience analytics requirements to ensure you are getting the most value out of your Tealeaf investment this holiday season.

Holiday Readiness Audit Let's Talk!!


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