Pereion Partners

IBM Digital Analytics and Tealeaf Customer Experience Management help you optimize the digital analytics strategies for your business across the web, mobile, and social. 

Pereion Solutions is an authorized solution provider for the following IBM offerings:



SiteSpect is a digital optimization provider that enables online businesses to test everything on their web and mobile sites, without Javascript tags. The SiteSpect multivariate test platform is an external solution that runs separately from your website and monitors web traffic and manipulates live content. Pereion Solutions partners with SiteSpect and IBM to provide an integrated approach to website and mobile optimization: Host your IBM Tealeaf environment in a private cloud within SiteSpect’s data centers, and share a common infrastructure with your SiteSpect Cloud implementation. Implementing IBM Tealeaf within SiteSpect Cloud optimizes your conversion rates and digital customer experience.



Exchange Solutions provides an intelligent customer engagement platform to deliver individualized incentives to drive more profitable customer behaviors. Exchange Solutions' cloud based platform permits rapid implementation in all channels, customized to each client's needs.  Its proprietary approach and in-market experience deliver quicker results, better ROI, and deeper customer engagement than traditional incentive programs.



Act-On offers a cloud-based, integrated marketing automation platform capable of executing complex globally-implemented programs. With accelerated campaign implementation, Act-On enables you to market your business online using an intuitive user interface and a comprehensive solution set. Some of its key features include:

    • Marketing automation capabilities
    • Web traffic and marketing analytics
    • Lead nurturing and scoring
    • Social media
    • Design tools for web forms, landing pages and emails
    • Integration campaign tools for webinar and pay-per-click



Google offers industry leading thought leadership in terms of digital advertising and web analytics. As a Google partner, Pereion Solutions leverages Google tools, such as Google Adwords and Google Analytics, to guide you through the process of properly managing your:

    • Web analytics
    • Pay per click advertising



HubSpot is an All in One Marketing Solution for "Inbound Marketing" with the following capabilities:

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Blogging
    • Social Media
    • Calls-To-Action
    • Landing Pages
    • Lead Management
    • Email Marketing
    • Marketing Automation
    • Marketing Analytics