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Watson, Can You Help Improve Customer Experience?

Posted by Steven Perry

Tue, Jun 6, 2017 @ 07:06 AM

Today’s customers expect more – they want exceptional experiences and personalized service wherever, whenever and however they engage with your business.   Deliver anything less and you run the risk of not converting them to a loyal customer, or worse, losing them to the competition.  But, how do you confront the rising task of consistently meeting these high-expectations and delivering exceptional customer experiences across all the journeys your customers take?  To help answer that question, we asked IBM Watson, “Can you help improve customer experience?”   His insight was intuitive, compelling and, well, insightful.


Understand all of your customers’ journeys    

By combining several innovative analytics, Watson CXA (Customer Experience Analytics) offers a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ journeys, across all channels and touch points, providing you the insight needed to deliver the experiences your customers want.  With journey analytics in Watson CXA, you can visualize the complete cross channel journeys your customers take and identify the top-performing or common paths that lead to conversion, allowing you to readily replicate positive customer experiences.   At the same time, struggle analytics work to recognize paths or patterns such as step counts or repetitive activity that may indicate customer struggle and provide the ability to quickly identify issues that cause customer frustration. 

 Watson CXA_mktg_1.png

Watson CXA mindset analysis allows you to drill down further into customer behavior and understand what events impact your customers’ actions across the various stages of the buying cycle or online digital process.   Did customers who made a purchase view a video or accept a special offer before buying?   Did customers read reviews or view a landing page as part of their discovery?   Watson CXA can help answer these questions and offer insights you can use to deliver the information your customers want, when they need it – at each step of their journey – helping to improve customer experience and enrich your customer relationships.

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View the customer experience to optimize every journey

Watson CXA goes beyond helping you visualize your customers’ journeys and behaviors – it offers you the unique opportunity to relive your customers’ experiences.   With session replay capabilities, Watson CXA allows you to replay sessions and zoom in to see where your customers struggle, providing a deeper understanding of individual customer experiences and opportunities to resolve issues and improve optimization.   Integration of usability analytics, including heat maps, link analytics and form analytics, help to uncover usability flaws and offer additional awareness into customer struggles, providing you the necessary insight to effectively optimize your site and improve the customer experience.   

Segment your CX data further with Watson CXA to understand where particular customers are clicking or hovering on your site and understand what leads some to convert and others to struggle.  Enabled with a view into your customers’ behaviors, motivations and experiences, you can then deliver a very personalized and enriched customer experience – one that customers want and have come to expect.


Be empowered to deliver an exceptional customer experience

With Watson CXA, you can uncover obstacles to superior customer experience and discover problems that you never knew existed –  enabling you to more readily identify challenges and quickly take action. Real time alerting based on unusual customer experiences alerts you to potential struggle points in your customers online experiences and provides an easy way to view them.  Drill down with replay capabilities to understand first-hand the best way to resolve your customers’ pain points and uncover valuable insights into customer behavior to deliver customer experiences that increase conversions, shorten the buying cycle, and optimize experiences across channels.

 Watson CXA_mktg_3.png

With Watson CXA, you can see a unified omni-channel view of the journeys your customers travel – enhanced with customer journey, struggle, mindset and usability analysis -- that empowers you with valuable insight to develop consistent and optimized customers’ experiences across all channels, offering your customers nothing short of an exceptional customer experience.


Ready to improve and optimize your customer experiences? 

See for yourself how Watson CXA can help improve the customer experience and offer the deeper insights you need to keep up with your customers’ expectations and deliver the personalized and intuitive cross-channel experiences that create delighted and loyal customers.

If you have questions or would like to further explore the capabilities of IBM Watson CXA, please request a Customer Experience Analytics consult below.

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