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IBM Customer Experience on Cloud

This SaaS based analytics solution that delivers Tealeaf core capabilities in an IBM managed cloud environment. It captures and manages each visitor interaction on your website and mobile applications.
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Tealeaf CX Hosted in the Cloud

An exclusive Pereion Solutions offering, IBM Tealeaf CX is hosted in a virtualized cloud environment, so that you can rapidly deploy and quickly take advantage of Tealeaf’s unique industry leading customer experience management capabilities..
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Tealeaf Managed Services

We provide IBM Tealeaf Managed Services to clients implementing and deploying IBM Tealeaf software. These services include: event creation and modeling, replay analysis, reporting, business analysis, systems administration, and implementation services.

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Why IBM Tealeaf?

IBM Tealeaf is a web and mobile Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution that captures your customers’ website interactions, giving you unprecedented visibility into their digital experience, and the ability to optimize your online business processes.

Offering valuable insight into your customers’ behavior, it allows you to track metrics, identify issues and make calculated improvements to your website and mobile applications based on business impact assessments. IBM Tealeaf enables you to increase your customer retention and conversion rates, improves your customer satisfaction, and generates increased revenue for your business. For more details, visit our Tealeaf Software page.

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Careers at Pereion Solutions

     We are currently looking to hire a Tealeaf Software Consultant and Tealeaf Analyst 

to support growth of our Tealeaf services practice.